The Solution to the Misalignment of CNC Wood Engraver During Operation

It is very common for CNC woodworking engraving machines to appear misaligned during the engraving process. There are many reasons for this problem, and there are many parts involved. After years of experience, we have summarized the following aspects for your reference:


Drive failure is the most common cause. There are problems with the structure of the driver itself or the original electronic devices, which will cause misalignment. But sometimes this phenomenon occurs infrequently. And after the operator lowers the speed a little, the machine can resume normal engraving. This shows that the drive is not completely broken. Instead, the drive is completely dead. So we can repair or replace the drive.


CNC wood engraver needs a lot of power when working. If the voltage is too low, the power supply to the driver is insufficient. If the power is not reached, it will cause misalignment. Generally, this situation is mostly on the Y axis. This phenomenon may be due to insufficient external voltage, or someone using high-power equipment such as electric welding on the same line. The best way to solve this problem is to install a 5000-watt regulated power supply. But the error range of this regulated power supply cannot exceed 5%, preferably within 3%.

Interface board, motherboard, adapter board

Misalignment during engraving may be due to broken interface boards, main boards, and adapter boards. If this is the reason, the machine does not move in a certain direction or in three axes during the working process.

The machine itself

A certain part of the machine tool has a problem or is loose, and there are impurities on the surface, which will also cause misalignment. If the coupling is loose or broken, misalignment will occur. Misalignment will also occur if the guide rails and screw rods have not been cleaned and refueled for a long time。

CNC Wood Engraver Recommendation


All in all, some misalignment can occur while working on a CNC wood engraver. At this time, we have to stop the machine and check the possible causes in turn. Common causes appear to be on the drive, voltage, and the machine tool itself. We should adjust the parameters of the machine or replace damaged components in time.

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