1212 Automatic tool changer atc cnc wooden engraving machine , germany SIEMENS controller wood cutting machine


  • Effective working area: 1200*1200*500mm
  • Heavy duty thicker structure as Kang’s design
  • Linear type automatic tool changer with 8 tool storage
  • German Siemens 828D control system
  • Siemens 1000w servo motor and 1000w servo driver
  • Helical rack & Gear
  • Taiwan TBI ball screw
  • Taiwan HIWIN square linear guide way 25mm for X,Y,Z axis
  • Double pieces for each Y axis, total 4 pieces for Y axis
  • Automatic Tool sensor calibration
  • Automatic oil lubrication system
  • T-slot working table
  • Japan Omron limit switch
  • France Schneider safety switch
  • Shanghai Cadiff cable
  • Working voltage:380v 3phase 50HZ

Advantage of 1212 4 axis atc wooden engraving machine:

Machine parts Advantages
1200*1200*500mm working area (can be customized.)
welded steel More stable and stronger, even you use for many years,

it won’t change shape.

9kw Italy HSD air cooling spindle Worldwide brand, high quality, global warranty
11kw Taiwan Delta inverter The best brand in Asia
Germany SIEMENS 828D control system A large number of high-grade CNC functions and rich programming methods, making it flexible workpiece machining occasions can be freely used around the world.
Taiwan HIWIN or PMI or ABBA 25mm square linear guide rail for X,Y,Z axis Very famous brand, can improve high precision, smooth

transmission, fast speed, low noise, and it has 10 times

longer life than common rail way.

Helical rack and gear 1.25M transmission for

X,Y axis

Bigger loading capacity, stronger biting force, makes

sure the machine is stable, with long lifetime.

Taiwan TBI ball screw 2510 transmission for

Z axis

Famous brand, high quality, can make sure very accurate


T-slot working table T-slot table can help fix small materials by clamps.
Germany SIEMENS 828D servo motor and driver Famous brand. 4 sets in total, double motors for Y axis, very powerful, also very popular among customers.
Automatic lubrication system Help lubricate the rail way, maintaining machine.
Automatic tool sensor calibration Help find working home position.
Japan OMRON limit switch 3 pieces for X, Y, Z axis, helping each axis go back to

working home position.

rubber bumpers 2 pieces for X axis and 4 pieces for Y axis, helping stop

axis in case the machine axis is out of control.

Highly flexible towline, fire-resitant Shanghai CARDIFF brand, China best brand. Long life,

could be bent

double-sheathed cable 300000 times. Also can prevent the interference of static


Artcam software We will give you in the CD.