Multi spindle 4 axis cnc router 0809 , woodworking machine with rotary device

  • PID: N1447
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Ball Screw Imported from Taiwan
  • Fuling Inverter
  • NcStudio Control System
  • Stepper Motor & Driver


  • High Steel Mechanical heavier bed, vibration aging treatment, to ensure stable and reliable bed;
  • Together with Taiwan TBI precision automatic anti-backlash ball screw andTaiwan HIWIN square linear guide rail, high-speed stepper motor driver,ensure that the processing size accurate precision;
  • CNC Introduction and friendly user interface, support for Chinese conversion, size input.


Working area 800*900*200mm
Spindle Four sets 1.5
Spindle rotating speed 24000RPM
Motor Stepper( servo for option)
Inverter FULING brand ( Taiwan DELTA for option)
Control system Ncstudio
X,Y,Z Ball screw imported from Taiwan
Table surface T-slot working table
Frame Cast Iron
Positioning accuracy ±0.02/300mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Max. engraving speed 6,000mm/min
Max. motion speed 8,000mm/min
Tools diameter ER11/ER20
Dictate format G code,U00,mmg,plt/HPGL/NC
Compatible software Type3,Ucancam,ArtCAM
Support software Windows98/2000/XP
Working supply AC220V, 1 phase,50/60HZ(110V for option)
option vacuum table, dust collector, rotary device, mist sprayer, flume