Maintenance Knowledge of Wood CNC Engraver that cannot be Ignored in Winter

During the cold winter months, the wood CNC engraver needs special care to keep it in good running condition. The following are specific maintenance methods in terms of equipment appearance, motor maintenance, mechanical components, control systems, preventive maintenance, lubrication systems, and antifreeze measures.

Appearance of the machine:

In winter, ice may form on the surface of the machine. In order to keep the machine clean and tidy, the staff needs to check the appearance regularly. Therefore, we should clean the snow and dirt on the surface of the machine in time to ensure that the appearance of the machine is clean.

Motor maintenance:

We should check whether the wiring of the motor is loose, whether the motor bearing is short of oil, whether the fan is working normally, etc. At the same time, we should keep the motor clean and tidy to avoid the influence of dust on the motor. If the motor is found to be abnormal, we should repair or replace parts in time.

Mechanical components:

Regularly clean the mechanical parts of wood CNC engraver, such as laser head, guide rail, lead screw, etc. This ensures that no dust, iron filings and other debris affect the operation of the machine. Also, remember to check the mechanical parts for wear.

Control System:

Check whether the control system of wood CNC engraver is working normally, such as PLC, sensor, etc. In case of failure, we shall repair or replace parts in time. At the same time, keep the control panel clean and ensure that the indicators work normally.

Preventive maintenance:

Perform regular preventive maintenance on wood CNC engraver. This requires us to clean up the accumulated dust and dirt inside the machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, check whether the fasteners of the machine are loose. If necessary, it should be tightened or replaced in time.

Lubrication system:

Add proper lubricant to wood CNC engraver to ensure the good running condition of the machine. And clean the lubricating system to keep the oil passage unobstructed. When adding lubricant, please follow the machine manufacturer’s recommendations.

Antifreeze measures:

The temperature is low in winter, pay attention to the antifreeze measures of wood CNC engraver. When the machine stops running, the moisture inside the machine should be removed to avoid frost cracking. In addition, in order to prevent the low temperature from affecting the work of the machine, we can install insulation materials around the machine.

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Through the above maintenance measures, we can ensure that the woodworking CNC engraving machine is still in good operation in the cold winter. Regular maintenance can not only improve the service life of the machine, but also ensure the smooth progress of the production process. Therefore, managers should pay full attention to the winter maintenance of woodworking CNC engraving machines.