How to Choose the Knife of Engraving Machine for Wood?

Woodworking carving knives are a composite material with high hardness. It has many knives, and different knives make different things. Today, I will introduce to you the selection of several cutting tools for engraving machines for wood.

What kind of knife do you need for an engraving machine for wood?

Straight knife

Straight knives are one of the knives used for engraving machines for wood, and they are also the most frequently used knives. It is characterized by a moderate blade width that can cut directly up and down. Therefore, it is suitable for flat engraving and linear engraving. When using a straight knife, you need to keep the head of the knife perpendicular to the wood, so as to ensure a smooth and even cut.

Arc knife

The circular arc knife is a kind of knife suitable for engraving radius arcs. When used on an engraving machine for wood, it can be used in many fields such as decorative carving and handicrafts. Unlike straight knives, arc knives are curved. And the front and rear openings on the knife are suitable for engraving curves such as circles and ovals.

V knife

A V-shaped knife is a tool used to depict three-dimensional carvings such as edges, corners, and unevenness. V-shaped knives are sharp V-shaped. Therefore, it can cut patterns with clear shapes and sharp lines. When engraving, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the head of the V-shaped knife should closely fit the cutting surface, and should not be perpendicular to the wood. This prevents the engraved edges from breaking, etc.

How to choose the right knife?

Select the knife according to the Engraving requirements

For projects that require straight lines of engraving, we can choose straight knives. If you need curved carving or sketching, you need a circular cutter. In addition, if you want to complete more complex three-dimensional carvings with edges and corners, you can choose to use a V-shaped knife.

Select the knife according to the type of wood

Different woods have different grains and hardness, and these need to be considered when choosing a knife. For example, for cork or bark materials, you can use an arc knife to carve. For wood with higher hardness, it is recommended to use a V-shaped knife for carving.


We need to choose a suitable tool for wood carving. Carving requirements and the type of wood need to be considered when choosing a knife. I hope this article can help readers know the use of engraving machines for wood and tool selection.

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