With the continuous development of 3 Axis CNC router machine, its application in the wooden door making industry is also becoming more and more extensive. The application of 3 Axis CNC router machine makes the cutting, grinding, engraving, etc. in the wooden door manufacturing process realize a high degree of automation. Therefore, this machine greatly improves the production efficiency and precision. At the same time, with the continuous upgrading of 3 Axis CNC router machine, the styles of wooden doors are also more complex and diverse. In the future, it will provide strong support for the innovation of the wooden door industry.

Advantages of 3 Axis CNC router machine for making wooden doors

  1. Guarantee the uniformity of products: the processing operation of the CNC machine has a high degree of consistency, which can ensure the uniformity of the size and shape of each wooden door.
  2. High processing precision: the cutting, drilling and engraving operations of CNC machines have high precision. This can reduce errors and improve the quality and aesthetics of wooden doors.
  3. Reduce costs: CNC machines can reduce production costs, including material waste, labor costs, etc.

Introduction to the process of making wooden doors

Wood preparation

Choose the right wood and do the necessary processing. Subsequently, it is sent to a CNC machine for processing. We need quality wood that is carefully selected, taking into account factors such as the strength, durability and appearance of the wood.

Design and programming

First, design the shape and size of the wooden door with CAD software. Then we use CAM software to convert the design on the computer into a programming file that the CNC machine can understand.


Put the wood into the 3 Axis CNC router machine and process it according to the programming file. The machine will automatically perform operations such as cutting, drilling, and engraving according to instructions. At the same time, the operator should pay attention to the details on the wooden door, such as carving, hollowing out and other effects. Check the size, shape and appearance of the wooden door after finishing to make sure it meets the requirements.


After the processing is completed, we need to carry out the necessary post-processing, such as sanding, trimming and painting. Usually, workers use painting equipment to spray paint wooden doors to achieve the desired color and texture. These treatments can eliminate possible imperfections in the processing and improve the aesthetics of the wooden door.

3 Axis CNC Router Machine for Making Doors


Making wooden doors requires certain skills and experience to ensure accuracy and aesthetics. Also, different machine models and specifications may have different features. The specific steps may need to be adjusted according to the specific device. Finally, in order to ensure the aesthetics of the wooden doors made by CNC machines, post-processing is an essential step.

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