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Wood Furniture CNC Router

2040 atc wood router with drilling holes
new cnc side hole drilling machine for panel furniture
01 1325 automatic loading and unloading wood working machine
1325 pneumatic 4 spindles cnc machine

4 Axis ATC CNC Router

6090 New Type Small Business CNC Router Wooden Furniture 3D Statues Sign Board Making Machine (9)
1530 carousel atc cnc router with rotary device
3015 heavy woodworking cnc router machine
01 2040 carousel atc cnc router engraving machine for wood
02 4 axis cylinder cnc router for wooden table legs

EPS CNC Router Machine – 4 Axis / 5 Axis

eps foam atc cnc router 1530 4d engraving machine with 4 axis rotary device
1325 3d foam toys engraving machine
ele3050 styrofoam eps 5 axis cnc cutter (1)
ele2030 cnc styrofoam 4 axis router machine (2)

Jinan Blue Elephant CNC Machinery, the professional cnc router and laser cutting machine manufacturer in China. Our machines including: ATC cnc router, 4 axis cnc router, luxury CNC nesting machine, mature cabinet closet cutting machine,CNC five sides drilling, CNC machining center and others. We are located in Jinan City, Shandong Province.

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  • TEAM

    The company has more than 140 people on-site team to offer you with private customized services.


    Being exported to more than 80 countries including Europe and America; Providing services for more than 5,300 domestic and foreign manufacturers.


    The company service department has more than 30 engineers standby to provide services after-sales.

  • HOUR

    To establish a true partnership; Producing excellent machines are just the beginning. Providing 24-hour service is the foundation of our development.